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Humans of everywhere – Weiyü Will Lin


This stop was not planned but I was tired so just went off the train in Monpellier. Didn’t took me long to find out that someone was teaching regular Chinese language and culture classes in the town for FREE – I had to meet the guy, sent an email and boom – “Let’s meet then! (…) I’ll be the asian in red”.

As expected Weiyü is in this world to fight the good fight. He was born in China but he is from everywhere. He studies in the US but he is leveraging the opportunity of his US university to travel around Europe for two years. Asked him about his family. His father passed away when he was 7 and his mother lives in China – “I asked her how long she needed to pass the nostalgic stage when we meet and then I leave – I was expecting at least 3 months but she said 3 days – and she was not joking. Which is OK I need 4 days”. They love each other though and use online chats.

Weiyü likes teaching and he likes sharing, that’s why he started the Chinese project in Montpellier. Teaching allowed him to make some friends learn about the city and about people. It also helped him improve has a trainer, his pedagogical skills and understand the different styles of learning.

He is not on the best economic situation at the moment so he also expects to make some money with teaching. I do not have any doubt he will make it and we actually discussed how he could monetise his skill.

He is the kind of guy that asks a homeless artist guy about the music he is listening and ends up  offering him a place to sleep for one night, prepares him a dinner, and teaches him how to use CouchSurfing to find some nights of good sleep for free. He didn’t have time to explain me how did he tricked his flatmate into this one but told me (to help me change my scared face mode on) – “the guy was trustworthy and really clean – more than me and you on our worst days”. He likes writing. He writes a LOT and he does a thing that I might start doing as well, he has a tiny book where in each page, he writes quote or any strong idea or sentence he thinks on. “Hey! open the book and see what it as for you today”. Great tiny book he had there.

Of course he is opened minded, and he was tested. It was raining and he only had a Chinese pink umbrella. I had no umbrella so we had to share the one he was using. Two guys, one asian, one european under a tiny pink umbrella walking the alleys of Montpellier – definitely the gay moment of the day – it didn’t took long to feel the need of clarifying his sexual orientation and that’s how we started talking about girlfriends.

Weiyü, I was impressed by the way you use your time and the human being you are. Thank you for the nice chat, showing me around and for the umbrella (yup, in the end I got the pink tiny Chinese umbrella – “I was going to throw it away anyway and you need it, its a no brainer”).

Keep up with the good fight, You are not alone on this one. See you around, someday, somewhere.

27 april, 17:27
Train from Monpellier to somewhere in Italy – didn’t decide yet.

P.S.: Weiyü’s blog lives here.


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