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Hugo Menino Aguiar

Spichlerz modlin with Lukasz Kulbacki

I met Lukasz in Yekaterinburg on the Siberian cold winter of 2008. We have been in touch since then. Time flies, hein?! He often quotes “the best things in life aren’t things” of Art Buchwald. And you are right Lukasz.

Last time we met was in 2008, quite a lot of things changed since then but not everything. Lukasz is still the kind of guy that instead of showing me around the old town decides to challenge me: “hey, let’s do a bike tour of 55km and visit a ruins granary in a remote place?”.

We did it: 55km bike tour to visit a beautiful ruins place. Lukasz said he knew the place, and how to get there but, well, he didn’t. The guy is smart and probably understood that I needed some confidence to accept the challenge and a “yeah, I did this a few times” would do the trick. It did, but later, when it was clear he didn’t know how to get there, he said he was just referring to part of the bike trip. Anyway, we arrived there, enjoyed our sandwiches in a remote place with loads of history – mission accomplished. Well, we did crossed the red line 3 times (kinda by accident): crossed train tracks, used a bridge track that was not supposed to, and walked trough military restricted area. If there was a way to arrive here without committing any illegalities, I would challenge anyone to take the same picture, starting with my polish friends (I bet you were never here and you probably won’t).

Thank you Lukasz for the adrenaline. And let’s see if we don’t need to wait another 7 years to meet again. Just book that travel to Lisbon for once!

26 may, 2015


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