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SPEAK Gathering - Event in the Castle of Leiria
When I was asked if there is, in Leiria, cultural incomprehension, stigmas or ignorance towards the “other” I always remember my conversation with Bruno Gonçalves, the intercultural mediator and former president of Associations against racism and for the defence of minorities. “Thanks to the gypsy many Portuguese have eaten their soup… Many parents say to their children – eat your soup or I’ll call the gypsy to take you away!” This may sound like a joke but it is serious. Read more

If I only had 2 minutes to describe this social project, this is how I would do it. Let me introduce you SPEAK.

Sani e Patricia
This is crazy. We got the Castle of Leiria to organize a SPEAK event. It doesn't look that great until you see the beauty around this Castle - right? Read more


Leiria Language Exchange is now SPEAK. Let’s make this project sustainable, let’s make sure it has social impact and we are going on the right direction. The dream about societies that integrate, Read more